My Weekend Fun And BP Slam

08 Aug

So, my oldest son decided to take his girlfriend to the beach on Saturday.  For us, that’s about a hour’s drive.  I give him permission to use the car and tell him be careful and have a nice day.  I get a call about 6 pm that evening from him – the AC and power steering seems to have quit working in the car.  I tell him to pull over and check the belt to make sure it didn’t break.  Well, that was not the case, but the pulley on the power steering pump had broken off.  I get in my other vehicle and drive the hour to pick him up and assess the trouble myself.

Yep, the pulley has sheered off the power steering pump.  I drive the car a couple blocks down to a local AutoZone and order a pulley.  They can’t have it there until Sunday about 12pm.  So we all return home and I plan to come back and fix it.  Well, that all goes as expected and after about an hour of labor, I have the new pulley on the power steering pump and am on my way home.  (I have to give a big shout-out to John and Reyes for volunteering to go with me and affect the repairs.  I could not have done it without them.)

So we are on our way home and see the car pictured below at a stop light.  Now, I would guess this is not an official BP car, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make some comments.  Feel free to post your caption ideas in the comments!

BP Car

  • BP buys cars like this instead of spending the money on cleaning up their spills.
  • This is why it took so long to fix the leaking oil…BP had ordered a fleet of these and spent all their fluid cash.
  • Does this leak oil like the BP oil rigs do?
  • At least this is not polluting our water’s ecosystem (Thanks BP).
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Posted by on August 8, 2011 in Photographs


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