The Gene Pool Needs More Thinning

08 Aug

So in this article – Watching Skateboarding Fails at 1000 FPS Is Actually Quite Fun – the author remarks about how watching this group of skateboarders fail at stunt attempts in slow motion is cool. Of course, after watching the video, I have an entirely different position on the subject. This video is kind of neat to watch, but for the science of it. But slow motion video is almost always cool because of its science. To see the things that are captured which we could normally not see is awesome. I have watched slow motion videos of gun shots, balloons popping, falling items, and many more. And this video is not much different. I am intrigued by the impact waves in the arms and the flexibility of the skateboards.

But then, oh then, I look at these idiots… These are older teens or young adults. From the looks of them I would place most of them in the neighborhood of twenty to twenty three years of age. And they are doing what? Attempting skateboarding stunts that could potentially kill or seriously injure themselves. None of them are wearing any sort of protection. One wrong landing and there goes a wrist, ankle, arm, leg, or even a head. And then they have the balls to film it and post it out there for other people to see. I mean – come on – our youth gets to see enough stupid stuff but why contribute to it?

So my final standing on this video is that it is just more pointless crap that can be found on the internet. If we are lucky, this is the last time these particular idiots will post anything they are doing. But most likely not. After all, the universe is a bitch and humans have found out how to mostly circumvent natural selection and survival of the fittest.

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