People Should Think Before They Speak…

24 Aug

Some people really should not speak.  They just show their stupidity and prove without a doubt that the human race clearly needs mother nature’s survival of the fittest rule reinstated.  Take Michael Walz, for example.  Yesterday he posted some drivel about Democrats in the Lakeland Ledger, published in Lakeland, Florida. Here is a link to the article.

He starts off rambling about the Democratic party being illegal and then tries to justify that claims with a couple of delusional points.  The whole article is a bit unorganized and not very coherent as far as his thought process flow is concerned.

Okay, first, let me say that I am quite anti-federal government.  Before you know anything else about me, you should understand what that means: I fully believe that we need a government for the people, by the people…but that our federal government no longer meets this requirement and has overstepped its bounds.  For the most part, I believe the federal government – and the US as we know it by association – is in a downward trend.  I would compare the current US government to the historical decline of the Romans or Egyptians.

Our federal government is despondent and inept, too big to function properly and poorly managed.  We need a serious overhaul/overthrow.  I predict the US following in the footsteps of the Soviet Republic and balkanizing into separate states.  While I don’t think we will end up with 50 separate states, I can clearly see us dividing into smaller regions than our current political borders.

Our government has all the wrong priorities, no longer really listens to the citizen, and is insulated to the point that we cannot make any major changes without force.  I think that is what it is going to take…There will be some major policy change instituted by the government that will eventually break the backs of the common citizen and we will rise to the occasion.  I am kind of surprised it has not happened already, given the world-wide state of affairs today.

Finally, I wan to throw out that while I do not believe in the federal government I do support those being directed by it.  I fully support our troops currently in harms way to give the idiots sending them there the right to do so.  I support the rights of the idiots protesting government policy at soldier’s funerals – even though that soldier died defending the right for them to protest – and who are disrespecting the dead soldier for no reason other than they were a government puppet.  I was a soldier myself for 6 years…and while I routinely disagreed with policy, I followed all lawful orders presented me.  Our troops today have a lot to deal with: the combat situations where the enemy is directly trying to kill them, the government who is trying to kill them by placing them in harms way for all the wrong reasons, the government who abandons them after service by providing shoddy or no care, and the everyday citizen at home who wants their freedoms but voices their discord in all the wrong ways.

So, here’s to the soldiers who give you the right to be the idiots you are so plainly displaying yourself as.

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Posted by on August 24, 2011 in Rantings


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