I Could Not Say This Any Better

07 Sep

Today, Bad Astronomer Phil Plait posted an article entitle: LRO spots Apollo landing sites in high res. You really should go read it. It is awesome to see things like this.

But more importantly, one of the commenters – bullsballs – made the most profound statement I have heard in a long time. His comment is number 31. And I quote:

And it shall never be repeated in the future, as that country no longer exists…
Thanks to the wholesale abandonment of the people and the resources by the very people sworn to protect them, we now belong to the Chinese and Arabs… If it is ever repeated, let them remember who did it first and only! No other country has ever tried to be as great as this nation ever was, nor has any other nation given so freely to those in need in times of trouble… But they are the first to pick this nation apart now that the government has squandered all of the economic resources…

That pretty much sums it up….I have nothing more to add.

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Posted by on September 7, 2011 in Rantings


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