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Camping Was Great!

Had a good weekend camping with the Cub Scouts. They did the usual BB Guns, Archery, and Wrist Rockets (Sling Shots), and then I took my older Webelos out for a nature hike. We did some GeoCaching and the boys had a good time tromping through the woods. Didn’t see many animals because they can’t stay quiet.

I will be posting some pictures later tonight, so be looking for them.

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Posted by on October 31, 2011 in Camping, Cub Scouts


EA Comes Through!

So Last night I was able to get about 2 hours worth of gameplay on Battlefield 3. Loving it. Of course, I suck at it but had some fun. Hope to get some more time in tonight and then not any for a couple days because I am going camping with the Boy Scouts.

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Posted by on October 27, 2011 in Battlefield 3, Video Games, XBox 360


EA Needs To Step Up Their Game

So EA releases Battlefield 3 Tuesday at midnight. I get the game and plan to have an all-night gaming session starting about 8pm. After about 30 minutes of installs and updates, I am ready. And WTF? The servers can’t support the load…I played about 30 minutes from 8:30 to midnight and finally gave up. Maybe tonight will be better. Come on EA….

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Battlefield 3 – Tonight’s The Night!

Well, I’ve been slacking on my Battlefield playing only because I am anxiously awaiting the release of battlefield 3 tonight. While I truly suck at these games, they are fun. Can’t wait to get my copy tonight and begin playing getting my ass wooped.

Battlefield 3

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Posted by on October 24, 2011 in Video Games, XBox 360


The Walken (Walking) Dead

For those of you that don’t know it…The Walking Dead has returned to AMC for Season Two. Unless you have been living under a rock, are a zombie yourself, or some other dumb ass reason, this is pretty much the best show on TV since SyFy (then called SciFi) aired the new Battlestar Galactica. So if you have missed any of the episodes of The Walking Dead up to now, you had better stumble your dead ass out and watch Season 1 and then start into Season 2.

A buddy of mine that watches the show as well found this little spoof and I wanted to share it with everyone…The Walken Dead


What I Would Love To Do To My iPhone

Only 43 days left until I order my Windows 7 phone and I can take this piece of crap iPhone and quit using it. If I had the resources, here’s what I would like to do to it…

iPhone Shot By 50 M98 50cal

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Posted by on October 18, 2011 in Cell Phones, Rantings


Lunch Was Good

Had lunch with the gang from Raymond James. It was nice to catch up and the food was good. We got to do it more often!

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Posted by on October 14, 2011 in Other