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My Kindle Fire Review

I am not going to bore you with pictures as you can go look them up yourself, but I wanted to drop a quick few words about my Kindle Fire. I purchased this just before Christmas and am loving it. I think the price and quality of the device is great. The screen size is good, the response is fast (especially after the most recent update) and overall wouldn’t be caught without it anymore.

I don’t use it for reading though….I have a Kindle Keyboard for that. The screen is just too bright for me to read with for more than just a few minutes and the E-Ink screen of my Kindle Keyboard is much nicer. But the screen resolution is great for surfing the web and/or playing games. I also like the larger screen size for writing documents and/or excel spreadsheets.

I need a negative item to balance out my review and the only thing I can think of at this time is the speaker ports…The are on the bottom of the device and that works great if you are listening to music or so, but I tend to watch Netflix movies a lot on the Fire. If I am not using headphones, the sound does not carry very well when the Fire is lying on its side.


Posted by on January 4, 2012 in Fire, Kindle