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Proof The US Patent Process Is Screwed Up

I mean seriously….Was this FUCKING necessary?!?!?!?!?!?!?

US Patent Stupidity

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How To Make Programming Better

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Another Example Of Our Screwed Up Government System

Here is another great example of our screwed up government system. Starting today, November 1, 2011, Tampa Police Department and American Traffic Solutions, Inc will begin issuing red light camera tickets at 20 MAJOR intersections. Of course, American Traffic Solutions is actually issuing the tickets and the Tampa Police Department gets a portion of the fees, but the police department got to pick the intersections to monitor. They claim they picked these intersections for safety reasons, but if you look at the list and you know this areas, it is actually just the busiest intersections in our area. They also claim they will not be shortening the yellow lights to increase tickets, but we all know the history of this practice. What can we do? Not a damn thing. This was not put to public vote and we have no say so in the matter. What happened to government for the people, by the people? Oh yeah, the governments killed that off a while ago.

Here is the list of intersections of government greed.

Warning Period Ends for Intersection Safety Cameras – Tampa to issue $158 citations for red-light violations beginning November 1

Tampa, FL October 31, 2011 – Beginning November 1, the City of Tampa will issue $158 citations to vehicles that are caught making a red-light violation. As part of the Stop on Red Tampa program, the City had first implemented a month-long warning period that issued warning notices with no fine assessment to vehicles caught making a red-light violation. To date 3,951 warnings have been issued.

“We have been educating residents on the dangers of red light running and explaining the camera process,” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. “The goal of this program is to enhance road safety and modify driver behavior. These cameras will help save innocent lives.”
In 2010 alone, the number of intersection crashes caused by red-light violations in Hillsborough County totaled 642, with 371 of those crashes coming from the city of Tampa. For three years in a row, more than 50 percent of Hillsborough County red-light crashes occurred within the city of Tampa.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reported for 2009 that there were 113,000 people injured and 676 people killed in red-light running crashes. In that same year, 62 Floridians lost their lives, making Florida the third most deadly state in the nation for red-light running crashes. The City of Tampa now joins more than 70 communities in Florida and more than 500 nationwide using the technology to create safer roads and safer driving habits.

The program is administered by American Traffic Solutions, Inc., and each violation will be reviewed and approved by the City of Tampa Police Department prior to issuance. No points are assessed to the license that is issued a warning or a citation.

About the Stop on Red Tampa Program
Stop on Red Tampa was created by the City of Tampa to increase the safety of all citizens in this community. As part of this program, the City of Tampa has installed 24 intersection safety cameras. These cameras are in place to reduce red-light running, prevent unnecessary injuries from traffic collisions, and to help save lives. Citations for those vehicles caught making red-light violators begin on November 1, 2011. To learn more about the Stop on Red Tampa program, visit

City of Tampa
Intersection Safety Camera Locations
October 31, 2011

1. Eastbound E. Fowler Avenue at N. Nebraska Avenue
2. Westbound E. Busch Boulevard at N. Nebraska Avenue
3. Northbound N. Nebraska Avenue at E. Fowler Avenue
4. Westbound E. Hillsborough Avenue at N. Nebraska Avenue
5. Northbound N. Nebraska Avenue at E. Hillsborough Avenue
6. Eastbound E. Hillsborough Avenue at N. 22nd Street
7. Westbound E. Hillsborough Ave at N 22nd Street
8. Eastbound W. Waters Avenue at N. Florida Avenue
9. Southbound N. Florida Avenue at E. Waters Avenue
10. Westbound W Waters Avenue at N Armenia Avenue
11. Eastbound W Waters Avenue at N Armenia Avenue
12. Northbound N. Armenia Avenue at W. Hillsborough Avenue
13. Southbound N. Himes Avenue at W. Hillsborough Avenue
14. Northbound N. Lois Avenue at W. Hillsborough Avenue
15. Eastbound E. Adamo Drive at S. 50th Street.
16. Northbound S. 50th Street at E. Adamo Drive
17. Southbound S. 50th Street at E. Adamo Drive
18. Eastbound W Kennedy Boulevard at N Ashley Drive
19. Southbound S. Dale Mabry Hwy at W. Gandy Boulevard
20. Eastbound W. Gandy Boulevard at S. Dale Mabry Hwy.
21. Southbound S. Manhattan Avenue at W. Gandy Boulevard
22. Westbound W. Gandy Boulevard at S. Westshore Boulevard
23. Eastbound W. Gandy Boulevard at S. Westshore Boulevard
24. Northbound S. Westshore Boulevard at W. Gandy Boulevard

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EA Needs To Step Up Their Game

So EA releases Battlefield 3 Tuesday at midnight. I get the game and plan to have an all-night gaming session starting about 8pm. After about 30 minutes of installs and updates, I am ready. And WTF? The servers can’t support the load…I played about 30 minutes from 8:30 to midnight and finally gave up. Maybe tonight will be better. Come on EA….

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What I Would Love To Do To My iPhone

Only 43 days left until I order my Windows 7 phone and I can take this piece of crap iPhone and quit using it. If I had the resources, here’s what I would like to do to it…

iPhone Shot By 50 M98 50cal

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The Decline Of The United States

So, if you don’t already know, I am a strong believer that the United States in a fast decline.  The ultimate outcome is the balkanization of the country into smaller regions, in much the same manner as the old Soviet Republic some years back.  Why is this happening?  Many reason…but my personal belief is that it is mostly human greed.  Politics in the United States is no longer about what is best for the country as a whole.  Mega corporations run the country, using their financial status to influence votes and to pressure law makers to pass certain bills.

Todays case in point: Patients Are Dying Because Of US Drug Shortages. What a nice article about how we have only 6 or so manufacturers of many of the major drugs that are needed in the country. How there are serious issues in the manufacturing processes that might delay these needed drugs. About how someone is trying to press legislation into effect that will penalize these manufacturers when the supplies get low.

For what reason??? Legislation like this will only hurt in the end. As the article states, the incentive to produce these drugs is low: no real profit margins being one major factor. And then we are going to penalize them if they are following standards and somehow fall behind in production? I know I would quickly close up shop and get out of that business…

Back to my topic of the US in decline, if you research any Empire historically, you will find many direct correlations to the current state of the United States. It’s only a matter of time before we have to collapse in on ourselves like every other great nation has done.

Until such a time as we remove money from ALL equations, we are in serious trouble. At the least, we need to remove profit from the equation when it comes to healthcare. There is no reason ANYONE cannot get QUALITY healthcare…It should be a basic human right, available to all and encouraged. Until such a time as we prevent these dumb-ass drug companies, medical equipment suppliers, hospitals and doctors from earning any PROFIT (except for doctor’s wages) and turn healthcare into COMPLETE NON-PROFIT, we are doomed.

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Facebook Still Sucks

While Facebook may be (seemingly) taking the appropriate actions to stop this dumb ass tracking of everything you do (see facebook-fixes-logout-issue-explains-cookies, facebook-addresses-stalking-issue, and facebook-remedies-tracking-issue-cookie-is-now-destroyed-after-logging-out), I am reporting to everyone that I have removed most of my Facebook presence as I stated in previous posts.

I have since removed all images, unfriended all my friends, removed almost all my profile information and changed to password to some random characters that I did not write down.

So be looking here for all my future updates.

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