Books I’d Recommend

I thought I would include a page that lists some of the books I have read. I am an avid reader and always looking for new authors and series, so please send me any you might recommend.  I’ll add more as I complete them.

  • Area 187 – Almost Hell by Eric Lowther
    • 5 Stars
    • After a zombie outbreak in the United States, the government gets the zombies under control and wall off the area where the infected are.  The government denies that there are any survivors in Area 187.  A reporter gets video smuggled out of Area 187 about a group of survivors.  She tracks down the only person known to have extracted other people from the Area and together they go into Area 187 to rescue the survivors.
  • Swan Song by Robert McCammon
    • 5 Stars
    • After the nuclear holocaust, several groups of survivors all begin to migrate towards each other and have to deal with various struggles along the way.  The groups have to contend with the changed environment, the dangerous animals, and the even more dangerous humans.  As resources are becoming harder and harder to find, one little girl may be hope of everyone.
  • The Harry Irons Trilogy by Thomas Stone
    • 4.5 Stars
    • To The Stars, Stolen Worlds, Minerva’s Soul
    • Humans have discovered a “wormhole” that allows them travel to various stars in the galaxy.  While exploring one of these worlds, the team discovers an alien race with greater technology than their own.  The ensuing battles change the team in many ways.
  • The Ender Series by Orson Scott Card
    • 5 Stars
    • Ender’s Game, Speaker For The Dead, Xenocide, Children Of The Mind
    • When the human race is not even out of the solar system yet, they are attacked by the buggers, an insect-like bent on total destruction of the human race.  In response, the government begins training children to act as star pilots and commanders for an invasion force to wipe out the buggers.  Ender is believed to be the hope for all mankind, if he can only finish the training in time…

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